Hi, I'm Lizzie Erwood

front-end developer

About Me

I'm a front-end developer making functional stuff that looks nice.

I love solving problems. I'm great at taking a design and turning it into code. I'm super organised and efficient, curious and creative. I love to learn and explore ways to make things better.

Before getting into front-end development I previously worked as a public funding coordinator for an engineering research organisation. I also led admin and customer services for the UK office at a tech unicorn start-up.

I'm well versed in working with internal and external stakeholders, being a supportive team member and helping to improve processes along the way.

When I'm not coding, I read, bake and run. I'm a big fan of birds and nature. I once baked a cake from every EU country in a year.


a screenshot of Birdle game


A bird-themed Wordle clone. Guess the bird's name and it gives you bird facts when you win. Choose a 4-10 letter word. Currently under further development.

a screenshot of the dashboard project


A personal dashboard deployed as a Chrome extension. Uses Unsplash API and OpenWeather API. Sunrise and sunset icons made in Figma.

a screenshot of the dice game

Dice Game

A simple two-player dice game - first to 20 wins. This was a practice in CSS animations, making the dice spin differently for each number.

a screenshot of the colour scheme generator

Colour Generator

A colour scheme generator that uses the ColorAPI to return a colour scheme based on the chosen colour and scheme. Design converted from Figma file.

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